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We providing you world class infrastructure and healthcare services.

Services and Facilities

Apart from providing you with world class infrastructure and healthcare services to get you back in good health, Second Best Opinion also provides certain ancillary health services, which helps us in serving you better.

Online Pharmacy.

Ambulance Services and Mobile ICU.

We operate four fully equipped Mobile Intensive Care units designed especially for transit of critical patients, while we also have ambulance services for non-critical patients. Trained personnel who have successfully completed BLS and ACLS courses are in-charge of the ambulance service. We stock emergency medication in our ambulances. A recent addition to our fleet is the bike ambulance with AED facility. The bike ambulance, driven by a paramedic, will ensure prompt medical assistance at an emergency site even during traffic blocks. The bike ambulance is equipped with: Automated External Defibrillator (AED), oxygen cylinder, pulse oximeter, BP apparatus, glucometer, first aid kit, half spine board, collar and portable suction.

Call +91 98472 00002 for availing ambulance services/Mobile ICU for pick up and transport to the hospital.

To avail the Bike Ambulance service, call on +91 9747200002.

On-line Laboratory Service

Ambulance Services and Mobile ICU.Blood Transfusion Services (including component separation)

We at SBO take special care during blood transfusion processes and our blood banks adopt the best of practices with respect to blood screening, blood collection, component separation and processing. Donors are provided with donor cards for proper identification and are also given light refreshment after they have donated blood. We undertake great measures to protect the health of both the blood donors and recipients so as to rule out any complications whatsoever.



Healthy food is a pre-requisite for staying healthy and also plays an important role in health recovery of every patient. The dietary department at Second Best Opinion takes special care to ensure that the diet provided to the patients is nutritious and of high quality. Eating good food can lead to the patient getting the required nutrition for faster recovery. We at SBO have a modern kitchen serving 100% healthy vegetarian food. Every meal going to the patients is specifically catered according to their dietary needs. The service is currently limited to patients under intensive care.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Second Best Opinion has modern laboratories with automated Biochemistry, Haematology, Microbiology, Cytology and Clinical Pathology sections. All equipment in these laboratories is contemporary and up to date so as to offer accurate and prompt diagnosis. Moreover, all the equipment are interfaced with the Hospital Information System (HIS) which makes it completely automated and there is no room for human error. The labs provide round the clock services to our patients.

Home Care / Nursing Care

Mortuary Services

The mortuary of the hospital is environment-friendly having a stainless steel refrigerated system (cubicle cooler) having a capacity to preserve four bodies. A strict protocol is followed to ensure adherence to standards

Call on +91 98472 00002 to avail mortuary services



Second Best Opinion houses five pharmacies strategically located at different areas around the hospital for the facilitation of friends and family of the patients. Two of our pharmacies operate 24X7 so as to be able to cater to the needs of our patients at any hour. All our pharmacies are well illuminated, hygienic and properly ventilated and operated by highly qualified pharmacists. All medications are stocked scientifically based on various categories. The stocking is strictly as per the recommendations of our Drug Formulary Committee consisting of very senior and experienced professors and Doctors.


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